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We allow between 10 to 20 minutes for each appointment depending on the scan package selected. Please refer to our scan packages page for more information.

As it’s a very special occasion, we understand that family and friends should be able to enjoy that special moment with you – so that’s why we encourage you to bring them along with you. We can accommodate up to 4 guests (including children) in our scan rooms.

As we are a medical facility we are asking adults and children 8 years and over to continue to wear a mask, in line with government recommendations.

If you or any of your guests have an exemption we will ask to see proof via the NHS app – lanyards are not accepted.

Yes of course. All children are welcome!

Manchester Boutique: Toilet facilities are available on the first floor and can only be accessed via the building’s staircase – we unfortunately do not have a lift at our premises.

Chorley Boutique: Toilet facilities are easily accessible via the ground floor.

The ultrasound technology that creates the 3D & 4D/HD Live images is the same as the one that creates the standard 2D black and white image that you see at your Hospital scan. The machine that we use however is up to date with the latest software and allows us to process the images in a more sophisticated manner to create a moving 3D image, known as 4D. Although the images we use for photographs to take away with you are 3D.

A scan can be carried out from 10 weeks of pregnancy – but for the best results we would recommend between 24-32 weeks, depending on position of the baby and placenta at the time of the scan. We have however had amazing results from 16-36* weeks.

* Beyond 32 weeks (26 weeks with an anterior placenta) is completely at the client’s own risk – due to the cost of our Ultrasound Technicians’ time, we are not able to offer a refund, should we be unable to get a clear image of your baby.

The BMI of Mum may affect the image quality of a 3D/4D scan. The ultrasound technology uses sound waves, which travel through the tissues to create images of baby – these waves have to travel further if there is a higher than normal tissue density, which will lead to a less clear image of your baby.

Manchester Boutique; uses the latest, top of the range GE Voluson S10 Expert Ultrasound Scanner.

Chorley Boutique; uses the latest, top of the range GE Voluson S10 Ultrasound Scanner.

Ultrasound technology has been used for over 30 years and not been found to cause any harm to the mother or the baby. Scanning is now a normal routine procedure carried out by Hospitals in all pregnancies. 3D/4D scanning is the same type and intensity of ultrasound that is used in Hospital 2D scanning which the software in the machine processes to create a 3D/4D scan.

We do recommend that all non essential scans are avoided prior to 10 weeks of pregnancy.

Gender Identification is ONLY available from 16 weeks.

Gender Identification can be added to any package for additional cost of £10 – subject to your baby being in the correct position and there’s a clear image of baby to determine the sex.

If we are unable to obtain this at the appointment due to the positioning of baby, we will of course advise you and the £10 Gender Identification fee will not apply.

On very rare occasions, Gender Identification of your baby may be incorrect. Please note that My Baby Company cannot be held responsible as per our consent form’s terms and conditions.

Two, three and four-dimensional ultrasound has been extensively used for many years. It has not been shown to cause problems to either mum or baby and is therefore thought to be safe. There is no current evidence of any biological risk to mother and foetus associated with obstetric ultrasound scans.*

*Obstetric ultrasound, biological effects and safety (no 160, June 2005) SOGC – clinical practice guidelines from JOGC.

For more information about Ultrasound Scanning: visit The British Medical Utrasound Society‘s website for more information. (Also known as BMUS.)

You are only required to fill your bladder prior to an early scan 10 -14 weeks.

From 15 weeks onwards an empty bladder is required.

If you want the gender of your baby to be a surprise, please let our Ultrasound Technician know at the beginning of your appointment so that the images can be focused around the facial features.

We can scan twins at an extra cost of £25 to cover the cost of a longer appointment. As the babies are very close together the scan can be very difficult to carry out so we allow extra time to accommodate this.

For multiple babies (e.g. triplets, etc.) please contact the boutique directly for advice on pricing.

We are a non-diagnostic, non-screening and non-medical ultrasound service.

It is very important that you attend your routine NHS scans to enable abnormality checks to be carried out at the appropriate times.

We are a non-diagnostic, non-screening and non-medical ultrasound service. It is very important that you attend your routine NHS scans to enable abnormality checks to be carried out at the appropriate times.

We do not check for abnormalities during a bonding scan, however if our Ultrasound Technicians’ notice anything unusual, we will explain our findings based on basic observation and request that you visit your NHS Care provider for further investigation.

You have to be 18 years old and over. If you are younger than 18, we will not accept any bookings. Any bookings made via our online booking system will be refused entry and their appointment cancelled.

We reserve the right to request photo ID if we suspect that a client is younger than 18.

If the placenta is anterior (front) it is recommended that you come no later than 26 weeks, however we are happy to try outside of this time frame.

We can never guarantee images with an anterior placenta – if there is no gap between the placenta and babies face we would not be able to get images.

Due to the cost of our Ultrasound Technicians’ time we are not able to offer a refund, should we be unable to get a clear image of your baby.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you arrive at the boutique in time for your appointment having completed our digital consent form (sent to you via email) prior to arrival.

We can accommodate clients that are running a few minutes late by shortening the scan time, however clients arriving for their appointments more than 5 minutes late will lose their appointment slot and will not be entitled to a refund. This is to ensure that our other clients’ appointments are not disrupted and to cover the cost to My Baby Company for the missed appointment.

We understand that there are sometimes circumstances beyond your control whereby you cannot attend your appointment.

We are happy to re-arrange appointments to a more convenient time free of charge on the first occasion, providing we are notified 48 hours prior to the appointment time.

The Management reserves the right to charge an administration fee for further amendments.

We take a deposit of £25 for our baby scan packages or 20% for all NIPT or DNA/screening tests.

If you decide that you want to cancel your appointment, all cancellations will be subject to forfeiture of the deposit in we are not notified 48 hours prior to the appointment time.

If you require anything translated – please call either of our boutiques. We will aim to complete your request within 5 working days.

We respectfully request that any faults are brought to our attention within 7 days of your appointment. Outside of these timescales they will not be rectified.