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Early Pregnancy Scan

Eager to see your little one’s development and growth during the early stages of your pregnancy?

With our Sneek-A-Peek 2D scan package, allow us to take you on an experience of a lifetime. Watch as our qualified Ultrasound Technicians’ work to provide you with the very best 2D images.

Available from as little as 10 weeks, our 2D scans are designed soley for experience purposes only.

Using a trans-abdominal probe, not a trans-vaginal probe, we guarantee to bring you both comfort and clear imaging. Sit back and enjoy, as your scan is projected on to our wall mounted 40 inch TVs!

Please note: We are a non-diagnostic clinic, offering purely non-medical ultrasound scanning services. Should we notice something unusual during your scan, we will ensure that we refer you to the appropriate healthcare professional for further investigation. We must stress that it is very important that you attend your routine NHS scan appointments throughout your pregnancy.

3D/4D Bonding Scan

Looking for your very own window to the womb? Then look no further!

Using the latest ultrasound scanning technology, experience your little one’s movements and facial expressions in stunning HD.

With a wide range of 3D/4D scan packages available, treat yourself or a loved one to a bonding experience of a lifetime. Witness unique events like your baby sucking their thumb, opening their eyes, blowing bubbles or smiling in real-time. All from as little as 16 weeks into pregnancy!

To get the most out of your 3D/4D baby scan experience, we recommend a scan between 24 – 31 weeks. Under the care and supervision of our qualified Ultrasound technicians. We’ll work to get you the very best images, showcasing your baby’s development and unique facial features.

So you can truly cherish your 3D/4D scan experience, we offer a variety of merchandise that you can purchase on the day. Why not treat yourself, your family, or your friends?

From our wide selection of small and large Heartbeat Bears to our Boy/Girl Gender Cannons, DVD Recordings to Printed Photos and more!

Not sure what a Heartbeat Bear is?

Watch as we record your baby’s precious heartbeat and place it inside a teddy or a stuffed animal. Simply choose a bear from our range, large or small, and we’ll sort out the rest. Once you have your bear, all you need to do is squeeze the bear’s tummy to play the heartbeat, then squeeze again to turn it off!

* Please note: If you have an anterior placenta, we recommended that you book an appointment no later than 26 weeks.

An anterior placenta is where your placenta is facing towards the front of your womb. In the later stages of pregnancy, this starts to obscure the view we have of baby. Therefore by booking in sooner, this will help us give you the best possible scan experience.

We are always happy to try outside of this time frame, however we will not offer a refund should we be unable to get a clear image of your baby.

Gender Scans

Are you desperate to find out if you’re having a little boy or girl? We can help!

Available from as little as 16 weeks, our Gender Bolt-on can be added to any of our 3D/4D scan packages for an additional £10 charge.

Using a combination of 2D and 3D/4D, we’re able to identify the sex of your baby with an accuracy rate of 99%.**

** Please Note: We require a clear image of your baby to determine the sex. If we are unable to obtain a clear image during your appointment due to circumstances outside of our control. The £10 additional charge will not apply to your scan total.