A modern and friendly Ultrasound Scanning company with Boutiques based in Manchester and Lancashire, using the latest in 3D & 4D HD-Live scanning equipment.

Under our professional care, you will be delighted to experience your baby’s movements and facial expressions, such as: yawning, smiling and sleeping, all within the comfort of our relaxing spa themed scanning lounge.

With all of our scans being performed in a sensitive manner, by our fully qualified Ultrasound Technicians, we can ensure that the first time you see your baby is a moment you’ll never truly forget!

Our Services


Early Pregnancy Scan

Early Pregnancy Scans will enable you to see your baby from 10 weeks into your pregnancy and are conducted in 2D.


Gender Scan

Gender Scans are as the name suggests, a scan to determine the sex of your baby. Available from as little as 16 weeks.


3D/4D Bonding Scan

A 3D scan provides you with a three dimensional image of your baby, whereas a 4D scan is a moving version of a 3D scan.

My Baby Packages



£55 with 3D/4D-HD Live:

From 16 – 32 weeks
1 printed photograph to take-away


Little Rascal!

£70 with 3D/4D-HD Live:

From 16 – 32 weeks
2 printed photos to take-away
ALL baby scan images on a CD


Cheeky Monkey!

£100 with 3D/4D-HD Live:

From 16 – 32 weeks
4 printed photos to take-away
ALL baby scan images on a CD
1 small heartbeat bear


Cherub Baby!

£125 with 3D/4D-HD Live:

From 16 – 32 weeks
3 printed photos to take-away
1 framed photograph to take-away
ALL baby scan images on a CD
1 large heartbeat bear

Sneak-A-Peek – £45 Standard 2D Scan

To reassure the expectant mother by allowing her to hear the baby’s heartbeat and view images on screen. Includes one 2D printed photograph with the package.

Book from a minimum of 10 weeks for 2D

Gender Identification from 16 Weeks: Please note that Gender Identification can be added to any package
for additional cost of £10 – subject to your baby being in the correct position at the time of your scan.

Twins: Please note an additional charge of £25 will be added to the chosen package.


We’re now offering the IONA® NIPT test in the relaxation, comfort and luxury of our boutiques for £395, including a reassurance scan.

The IONA® test is a non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT) for pregnant women which estimates the risk of a foetus having Down’s syndrome or some other serious genetic diseases.

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Client Testimonials

“Relaxing and Inviting”

“Just had our 21 week 4D scan here and it was amazing seeing our baby on the big screen. The room is so relaxing and inviting and the staff were all lovely. Will definitely be going back for another scan when we’re further along xxx”
– Emma

“Wonderful Experience”

“What a wonderful experience. The team were so lovely and the environment was like being in a spa. Very relaxing whilst getting to see my baby girl. I would highly recommend going here for a scan. Thanks very much for looking after me! Xxx”
– Loren

“The team are so lovely”

“Just had a 24 week scan here, the team are so lovely. My baby unfortunately wasn’t happy to be scanned, and the team did everything to try and get a decent picture. Nice inviting room, hoping to visit again in a few weeks.”
– Ashley

“Extremely clear pictures”

“We Visited my baby company today for our 25 week scan, our little bundle of joy spent most of the time snuggled up and yawning but the team managed to get some great shots of his face in 4d! Such a great experience and would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to see extremely clear pictures of their little one. Thanks again guys. :)”
– Jodie