Private 3D & 4D Baby Scans – Wigan

High-quality 3D & 4D scans near Wigan

Are you searching for a private baby scan near Wigan? At My Baby Company, we offer a number of ultrasound services for expectant mothers, such as our 2D early pregnancy scans from 10 weeks through to our more extensive 3D and 4D scans which are available from 16 weeks to 32 weeks.

From our stunning boutique in Chorley, our qualified and friendly Ultrasound Technicians’ aim to provide you with a truly unforgettable experience, bringing your baby to life on our 55 inch TV screen, in the comfort of our luxurious 1840’s regency building – complete with chandeliers!

Having originally opened our first boutique in Manchester early 2016, we pride ourselves with being an experienced service provider within the marketplace, having built our reputation on the foundations of providing excellent customer service and an enjoyable experience for all our guests – just take a look at our reviews on Facebook!

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Under our professional care, you will experience your very own private ‘window to the womb‘, allowing you to see your baby whilst relaxing in the comfort of our luxurious Chorley boutique – which is only a short car journey away from Wigan.

If you simply can’t wait for an early peek at baby, why not book yourself in for an early pregnancy scan or if you’re further along in your pregnancy, enjoy baby’s movements and facial expressions such as yawning, smiling and sleeping with our 3D and 4D baby scans.

If you live in the Wigan area and want to find out more about our pregnancy scanning services, you can get in touch by calling 01257 249089.

3D/4D Baby Scan Packages


£55 with 3D/4D-HD Live:

From 16 – 32 weeks
1 printed photo to take-away


Little Rascal!
£70 with 3D/4D-HD Live:

From 16 – 32 weeks
2 printed photos to take-away
ALL baby scan images on a CD


£100 with 3D/4D-HD Live:

From 16 – 32 weeks
4 printed photos to take-away
ALL baby scan images on a CD
1 Small Heartbeat Bear


£125 with 3D/4D-HD Live:

From 16 – 32 weeks
 3 printed photos to take-away
1 framed photograph
ALL baby scan images on a CD
1 Large Heartbeat Bear

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